History (B.A.) (2003)

Department of History, College of Liberal Arts

Effective Fall, 2003

In addition to general education requirements, a total of 39 semester hours is required for a major in history with at least 18 semester hours drawn from 300 and 400 level courses. Some history major requirements also satisfy select general education requirements

42.121 United States History Survey: Colonial Period to 1877

42.122 United States History Survey: 1877 to the Present

42.125 Western Civilization to 1650

42.126 Western Civilization since 1650

42.298 Historiography and Historical Methods

42.398 Research and Writing Skills

Choose two from the following seven courses:

42.131 Asian Civilization to 1500
42.132 Asian Civilization since 1500
42.141 Modern China and Japan
42.142 Latin America: From European Colonization to the Present
42.143 Black Africa
42.216 Africa and the Black Atlantic to 1790
42.217 Africa and the Black Atlantic since 1790

One 300-400 level U.S. history course

One 300-400 level European history course

One 300-400 level regional history course

Two 300-400 level history electives