Social Sciences (B.A.) (2003)

Administered by: Department of Anthropology

Effective Fall, 2003

In addition to 53 credits of general education requirements, the interdisciplinary studies student completes a core of 24 credits, plus two minors in the social sciences to complete a total of 60 credits of study. The balance of the university's requirement for a bachelor of arts degree comes from elective courses.

46.200 Principles of Cultural Anthropology

40.211 Economics I

40.212 Economics II

48.101 General Psychology

45.211 Principles of Sociology

41.101 World Physical Geography or 41.102 World Cultural Geography

44.101 Elements of Political Science or 44.120 U.S. Government

A three-credit statistics course

In addition, each social science major must complete two minors (18 credits each) in the social sciences: anthropology, economics, geography (i.e., environmental planning), political science, psychology and sociology.