Management (B.S.B.A.) (2003)

Department of Management, College of Business

Effective Fall, 2003

Students majoring in a B.S.B.A. degree program in the College of Business must take at least 50 percent of the business credit hours required for the business degree at Bloomsburg University.

The four year (120 credit hours) bachelor's degree consists of 60 semester hours of general education requirements and free non-business electives, 24 hours of Business Core, 24 hours of specialized Management requirements, and 12 hours of Elective Courses in Business. Students are allowed 8-11 hours of free electives while meeting communication, natural, and social sciences, humanities, physical education, values and ethics, and cultural diversity requirements of General Education.

While some flexibility exists in the selection of courses, the management program requires students to complete the following courses as part of general education requirements.:

20.101 English Composition I and 20.201 English Composition II (or 20.205 Honors Composition)

25.103 Public Speaking

40.121 Principles of Economics I

40.122 Principles of Economics II

40.256 Business and Economic Statistics

Choose one of the following two courses:

40.146 Business and Economics Mathematics

53.123 Essentials of Calculus

Business Core:

91.220 Financial Accounting

91.223 Managerial Accounting

92.150 Introduction to Information Technology

93.244 Principles of Management

93.481 Business Policies and Strategies

96.313 Introduction to Corporate Finance

97.310 Marketing: Principles and Practice

98.331 Law and Legal Environment

Specialized Management Requirements (subject to change due to continuous improvement of curriculum. Check with department chair)

93.343 Applied Managerial Statistics

93.345 Human Resource Management

93.348 Operations Management

93.445 Managerial Communications

93.449 Organizational Behavior

93.457 Business and Society

93.456 International Management

Plus one management elective at 300/400 level

Elective Courses in Business

Select four courses in business to complete a minimum of 60 semester hours.

Courses designated courses must be from the designated list of electives (available upon request) prefix are business electives. Students must consult with their advisors when selecting and scheduling courses.

Human Resources Concentration

Students with a Human Resources Management Concentration are required to take the following courses:

93.345 Human Resource Management

98.460 Employment Discrimination and Affirmative Action

93.463 Employee Staffing (normally offered in fall semester)

93.464 Compensation Management (normally offered in fall semester)

93.432 Internship in Management

Choose one of the following two courses:

93.346 Labor and Industrial Relations
94.405 Training and Development in Office Systems