Computer and Information Science (B.S.) (2003)

Department of Computer and Information Systems, College of Business

Effective Fall, 2003

In addition to between 53 required general education courses and seven general education electifves, Computer and Information Systems majors must take 60 semester hours of specific courses to meet the 120-hour requirement for a baccalaureate degree. Required courses include:

20.101 English Composition I

20.201 English Composition II (or 20.205 Honors Composition)

25.103 Public Speaking

53.141 Introduction to Statistics or 53.241 Probability and Statistics

40.121 Principles of Economics I

40.122 Principles of Economics II

Choose one of the following two combinations:

53.123 Essentials of Calculus and 53.118 Applied Matrix Algebra or
53.125 Calculus and 53.126 Calculus II

Required CIS Courses:

Choose one of the following two combinations:

91.221 Principles of Accounting I and 91.222 Principles of Accounting II or
91.220 Financial Accounting and 91.223 Managerial Accounting

92.140 Introduction to Computer Information Systems

92.141 Introduction to Business Information Development

92.240 Introduction to Programming I

92.241 Introduction to Programming II

92.252 Business Oriented Programming

92.351 Systems Analysis and Design

92.351 Systems Analysis and Design

92.354 Data Base Processing Systems

92.358 Data Communication Systems

92.460 Advanced Systems Development I

93.461 Advanced Systems Development iI

CIS Elective Courses

Two CIS courses at the 300 or 400 level.:

92.352 Advanced Programming
92.356 Operating Systems

92.364 Fundamentals of Electronic Commerce

92.432 Internship in Computer Information Systems

92.450 Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence

92.498 CIS Special Topics

Information Technology courses offered by other departments can be used as electives with the approval of the CIS chairperson.

While an internship in CIS is not required for a degree, students are strongly encouraged to take 92.432 Internship in Computer and Information Systems. This course may be taken for a maximum of six semester hours, which can only be counted only as electives, three each in CIS and Business.