March 31, 2009

Huskies Roll Over Cheyney in Women's Action

BLOOMSBURG--The Bloomsburg University women's tennis team beat Cheyney on Tuesday by a score of 9-0.

The Huskies did not lose a set in earning its seventh win of the year against just three losses. Bloomsburg plays at Millersville on Friday.

Bloomsburg University 9, Cheyney 0

1. Andrea Malestesta vs. Imani Johnson BU 8-0
Laura Sullivan Vernae Coleman  
2. Brittany Weeks vs. Saquatia Knight BU 8-0  
Danielle Walsh Hana Wilder  
3. Sarah Starkey vs. Shakyra Dawson-Clark BU 8-0  
Sarah Fisher Andrea Wilder  
1. Emily Palko vs. Imani Johnson BU 6-0; 6-0  
2. Laura Sullivan vs. Saquatia Knight BU 6-0; 6-0  
3. Kristen Bonito vs. Hana Wilder BU 6-0; 6-0  
4. Danielle Walsh vs. Vernae Coleman BU 6-0; 6-0  
5. Sarah Fisher vs. Shakyra Dawson-Clark BU 6-0; 6-0  
6. Sarah Starkey vs. Andrea Wilder BU 6-0; 6-0