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Danny Hale On the Golden Helmet Alliance

Dear Huskies,

As you are reading this, we are preparing for the 2009 season and getting ready one of our most formidable schedules ever. We're looking for continued success, and your support is critical and appreciated. A few years ago we announced the creation of the "Golden Helmet Alliance", a program focused on increasing scholarship dollars to recruit the most talented athletes available to us.

I want to thank all of our many donors to the program, particularly the 31 people who answered the initial call to join the Golden Helmet Alliance. Our target for this special initiative is to have "100 helmet owners", and as you can see we are on our way, but we need your help to do more. Quite frankly, it is getting tougher out there every year.

In these challenging economic times we are in, I know making this commitment is hard, but trust me, I (and everyone associated with our program) appreciates any little bit that you can contribute. If you can't make the commitment by yourself,join with a few others friends to help the Huskies stay as one of the best in the PSAC and all of Division II.

I hope by giving you a better understanding of the recruiting scenario, especially in comparison to many of our PSAC opponents; you'll know why we need your help now. While the Golden Helmet Alliance is not the only answer, it is an immediate answer which will give us significantly more available scholarship dollars.

As we move forward, we're going to have to seek more major commitments from various supporters to put our program in an enviable position. But right now I'm asking many of you to step up through this program to allow us to maintain the excellence you've come to expect from Bloomsburg Football.

You can make a difference immediately by joining the Golden Helmet Alliance (click application link on left).

Thank you, in advance, for your serious consideration of my request. As always, if you'd like to discuss any aspect of our football program, please feel free to call any member of the coaching staff.

Go Huskies!

Danny Hale

Head Football Coach

Here are few testimonials from Golden Helmet Members:

Gerry Frey '71:

My support for the Golden Helmet Program came about through my respect for the accomplishments Danny Hale and his staff have had with the football program. The need for financial support is critical for their future success; and the Golden Helmet Program is an excellent manner to help further that effort.

Mike Glovas '85:

We have witnessed some great success over the years with Danny Hale as our football coach. To ensure the continued success and growth of our football program it is imperative that we support them financially to allow BU not only to recruit, but to maintain a standard of excellence both academically and on the field of play. I ask you as an alum to help support this program at any level that you see fit. Other programs are trying to catch BU, lets not let that happen. Thanks for all your support in the past, and future.

Tony Zarzaca '94:

As one of the founding members, I can't tell you how proud I am to be associated with the elite group of donors that comprise the GHA. As a group recognize that this is an investment in the future of the program that we love so much and to be a part of the 100 special people that will one day fill out the GHA means a great deal to me.

John Devlin:

I did not attend BU, but my wife and I chose to become members of the Golden Helmet Alliance because we wanted to provide additional support to Danny Hale and the fine coaches and players in his program. Coach Hale cares about his team and players as though they are part of his family. He is a good and honest man, and an excellent coach who is well known throughout the nation for his high standards and excellent coaching ability. BU gets the most out of its football program because of Coach Hale. He consistently wins and produces fine student athletes who graduate and go on to become outstanding and productive citizens. With a little more support, it is hard to imagine how much more this program could accomplish. We would like to see the BU football program reach its full potential.

Dick Klingerman '86:

NOW is the time to get involved with Bloomsburg University's Football Program. Coach Hale and his staff have put together an outstanding program and need your help. The Huskies are consistently one of the top ranked D2 teams in the country. They are doing this without the money that other elite programs have. I think we are all very proud of their accomplishments and know that we must start helping quickly if this success is going to continue. Without our help, winning a National Championship will be a hard task to accomplish.

For details or questions, call us at 570-389-4359 or email at: Tom Pajic Chet Henicle Paul Darragh Danny Hale